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The line dance group "Angel Liners", led by the enthusiastic Billstedt native Angelika Möller, exists since 2017 and is aimed at advanced dancers. The approximately 20 group members are united by their love for choreographed group dance, without any age limits: The "Angel Liners" are between 19 and 80 years old. 


Line dance veteran Angelika Möller has started her own line dance group in 2017. Line Dance is a formation dance: The dancers stand next to each other and behind each other in name-giving rows, dancing synchronously to a choreography. In line dance nobody needs a partner, each dancer dances alone. But at the same time the group feeling is very important: "The group is the dance partner", as Angelika Möller puts it. The Angel Liners are happy about every new dance angel. 


The "Angel Liners" can be recognised by their uniform stage outfit: all wear black, short-sleeved polo shirts with the purple group logo, plus a purple bandana, jeans and sometimes cowboy hats. 
Line dance choreographies consist of repeating sequences of 8 (often 32, 48 or 64) steps each. Angelika Möller selects new choreographies, which she researches in various online line dance portals and is also responsible for the music selection. The range of music suitable for line dance is very wide spread. 


Line dance originated in the USA, although there is disagreement about its historical development. While some suspect line dance to be spin-off of the disco era of the 1970s, others claim that line dance emerged from traditional folk dances. In popular dance culture, line dance forms a counterpart to the long dominant partner dances. It enjoys worldwide popularity and can unite people who - except for the dance - do not speak a common language.

Photos: Felix Zimmermann
Video: Sebastian Vogt


Thursday | 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Dance Studio 1 | Kultur Palast Hamburg


Leading the group: Angelika Möller

Contact via Kultur Palast Hamburg
Tel. 040-822 45 68 0

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