Bürger-helfen-Bürgern e.V.


The association "Bürger-helfen-Bürgern e.V. Hamburg" is the sponsor of the FreiwilligenBörseHamburg. The association is very diversified and aims at mentoring refugees and organizing language support for people with migration background. In addition, they assist with the promotion of artists and participation of the cultural community in the Billstedt area. For Bernd P. Holst, chairman of the association, integration is far more than just mastering the German language. According to Holst, it is very important to give people a cultural home in their new home country. Further they shell enabled to live up to their traditions but, at the same time, become open to other cultures and influences. Another aspect is to give a stage to present their skills in public. For immigrated artists, there does exists an office focusing on cultural work which is headed my Diana Princeataia.


The association Bürger-helfen-Bürgern e.V. was founded in 2003 and the number of active members fluctuates: The core group in Billstedt consists of eight to twelve volunteers with up to 50 volunteers to work in various projects. As a prime example of activity for Bürger-helfen-Bürger is the existence of assistance in reading, entering into school and later entering in the professional work. As for migrants, the main focus is on language education and social and cultural participation.

Within the Billstedt United project the association organizes performances by artists of different nationalities to give them publicity and stage experience. Chairman Bernd P. Holst is particularly focusing on the co-organization of formats such as REVUE der Kulturen, because he feels there is great benefit to everyone involved: a classical "win-win situation". The main benefit, besides representing different cultures on stage, is cultural exchange with other groups and also presenting different cultures to an audience in Billstedt. Since the performances do have a high artistic and cultural approach but sometimes even motivates people from the audience to actively participate with whichever group they are interested in.

"It is very important to us to give people a stage and present their strengths and abilities, which might otherwise not be seen by society," says Bernd P. Holst. And Russian opera singer Bruno Vargas (bass) adds: "Music is my work and my hobby. Music is a mirror of my life and helps me understanding what is happening to me. It is simply wonderful to bring classical music to other people who would otherwise not go to the opera". For example, during the last summer, some very interesting classical terrace concerts were performed at the Kultur Palast premises.

Upcoming Gigs

Due to the Corona pandemic, major events have been cancelled for the time being.


The most recent regular project initiated by the association Bürger-helfen-Bügern e.V. for Billstedt United is "The Russian Salon", where Russian artists are regularly presented in a variety of different disciplines -  ranging from readings of their own texts to concerts and performances.

The events take place in the Palastküche of the Kultur Palast Foundation. Diana Princeataia and Bernd Holst, intercultural exchange is an important driving force for their commitment. The assiociation consists of great many nationalities: Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Lithuanian, Kazakh, Turkish, Afghan, Syrian and many more. All educational levels are represented. New members both for volunteer work and for artistic or cultural engagement are always welcome.


A good number of members with Russian origin are actively engaged in the areas of art and culture. Hereby, Classical music has to be pointed out. The spectrum ranges from professional opera singers to authors or composers who are developing new ideas based on traditional concepts. Therefore, crossover projects among the different disciplines and cultural offers are planned. Because of the strong classical background there does exist a preference for elegant stage outfits. Among the instruments the piano dominates.




Every working day by arrangement | 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Advice center FreiwilligenBörseHamburg, Kreuzweg 10


Contact via Kultur Palast Hamburg
Tel. 040-822 45 68 0
E-Mail: info@kph-hamburg.de