Internationale Rhythmusgruppe


The Internationale Rhythmusgruppe is a group for young people and adults. The participants learn and play a variety of percussion instruments, including many oriental rhythm instruments such as Kös, Drum, Darbuka, the frame drum Bendir Erbane, the fur covered tin drum Djembe from West Africa, the drum Tef (in Arabic: daf). Also international instruments such as Bongo, Tambourine, Castanets or Marakas. Erol Eskisehirli, head of the group, has been an active musician in many bands for a long time. As a group the musicians work and accompany international music pieces from different areas such as folk music, film music and classical music. A relaxing learning experience for those who enjoy rhythm. 


The group consists of members coming from different professions and age, united by their love for music and rhythm. The group was founded in October 2017 by Feride Özar in connection with a German-Turkish women's association. The concept was to engage in joint cultural activities with rhythm not presenting any language barrier. "Music from all over the world has something in common, that is rhythm. It is like the heartbeat, like life, a common language for all nationalitys," says Feride Özar. The musical direction of the group has been in the hands of percussionist Erol Eskisehirli. He plays and owns more than 40 different instruments, which he likes to use. To train the feeling for rhythm has a meditative and health-supporting effect. In addition, they do have a lot of fun. They practice once a week in the Kultur Palast Foundation. The participants learn to read notes and they work on new versions of musical pieces. During the performance playback is used but it is accompanied by a live performance. 


The members of the Internationale Rhythmusgruppe value building cultural bridges between their native country Turkey and their new home Germany. They intend to learn as many different musical styles as possible and international sounds. When working on the pieces of music, Erol Eskisehirli focuses on precision as this is the only way to create a new listening experience using tradtionals songs and international hits. The singer and presenter Edith also says that the rhythm exercises improve her singing. The group especially likes to perform at smaller festivals or at events from cultural centres such as the Kultur Palast Hamburg or the Goldbekhaus in order to reach as diverse an audience as possible.


White is the color of their outfits indicating maximum openess. "We all wear white on stage," says Edith, who is particularly responsible for the presentation within the group, both in terms of visual appearance and moderation. "White is a color that is open to everyone, everyone is welcome.” Accordingly, there are no linguistic, cultural or religious barriers for the group. Everyone who understands the language of music is welcome.

Photos: Felix Zimmermann
Video: Sebastian Vogt


Tuesday | 06:30 p.m. to 08:00 p.m
Tanzstudio 3 | Kultur Palast Hamburg


Contact persons: Feride Özar und Erol Eskisehirli

Contact via Kultur Palast Hamburg
Tel. 040-822 45 68 0