Project 50 Plus

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The 50 Plus project consists of senior citizens who meet on a weekly basis for a cultivated High Tea at the Stiftung Kultur Palast Hamburg. In addition, the participants also meet for joint activities. The most important factor is the exchange of ideas and the appreciation for the group feeling: here nobody has to feel alone. They help and support each other when and wherever they can. 


Since the 50 Plus project was founded in 1999, they have twenty to twenty-five ladies and gentlemen who get together every Monday morning at a lovingly arranged table in the Pumphalle at the Kultur Palast Hamburg. There is no designated group leader as the seniors view themselves as a group open to discussions and cultural or social activities. Nevertheless, Christa Frohloff- Winkler has been in charge for organizing the setting of their weekly meetings for years. New members are always invited and their mainly consists of Billstedt residents. The majority of the group is female but the men are also taking a very active part in all activities. 


Aside from the weekly meetings they also organize specific excursions to Hamburg companies as well as to theatres, cinemas, to the opera and concerts. They enjoy doing handicrafts or creating historical-biographical documents, some of which are published or archived. The group 50 Plus has created several files and has kept records of its members and activities since the beginning. 
On the occasion of district anniversaries (Schiffbek, Horn, Billstedt, Öjendorf) the members have produced small presents and composed songs which they performed at larger events such as the district festival BilleVue. In principle, they seek communication and cooperation with other groups of the Kultur Palast Hamburg.  


In the group 50 Plus, the focus is on conversation - nobody is lonely, because there is always someone to talk to. On the occasion of birthdays or other occasions, the members like to sing together and eat homemade bakery’s. Usually, after the morning meeting, a good part of the group attends the restaurant ‘PalastKüche’ for a mutual lunch. Occasionally, members will present a piece of writing or show photos from a trip. For every activity, all members commonly agree on the agenda and share all costs. 
Some of the 50 Plus members are quite active in the social and cultural sector. For example, some are also involved in the Billstedt citizens' association, the senior citizens' advisory board, political parties or in groups of their immediate neighborhood concerning children and the youth. A part from German some also speak English, French and Greek. 

Photos: Felix Zimmermann


Contact person: Christa Frohloff-Winkler

Contact via Kultur Palast Hamburg
Tel. 040-822 45 68 0