Project Sekrayat


The concept of Sekrayat is combine professional and amateur musicians of all ages. They only need to have a faible for making music together and they need to be open to all kinds of music no matter what cultural background they are coming from. The majority of the approximately 30 group members, have Turkish roots.

However, there are also Syrian, Jewish and German participants. The members unite their love for music and the joy of experimenting. "We don't have a particular direction like folk music, for example," says Hasan Kalburcu, head of the Sekrayat project. "We play everything from classical to pop music, but with an international focus. Just the other day we played a Hungarian song, we also used some Turkish and Arabic sounds, it sounded wonderfully crazy. (...) We represent several cultures."  The name "Sekrayat" means "memory" in Arabic, memory of the music that was played together. The Sekrayat project brings together people and music from many different cultures. 


The Sekrayat project has existed since 2016, the idea came up during a gathering of musicians in a café. The group was founded by Hasan Tuncay Kalburcu, a successful DJ on the Hamburg scene. Ever since its beginning, the group has continued to grow. Today usually more than 20 musicians are attending the rehearsals in the Kultur Palast. New members are welcome and not only professionals are addressed. "We have top musicians who can teach less experienced musicians. In the Sekrayat project you have the opportunity to find the music and find yourself," says Hasan Tuncay Kalburcu. The greatest possible variety of instruments is desired to be part of the group in order to be able to represent the sounds of different cultures in the best possible way.

Darbuka (hand drum), Ud (or Oud, long neck lute), Kanun (box zither from the Orient), Nay (or Ney, end edge flute), furthermore electric violin, cello, bass guitar and more are regularly used.  The Ud, the short-necked lute, and the electric violin are the central instruments of the group. The Ud has a very soft, oriental sound, while the electric violin is widely used in many cultures a ood example is gypsy music. All instrumentalists are welcome to join the group, the musicians would be especially pleased to have a trumpet player. Turkish is often spoken during rehearsals because many members have Turkish roots. However, language is not a criteria particularly since all members speak German and some of them even grew up in Germany.

It is the "language of music" the group uses for communication. "We let the instruments speak!"


  • Corona break, Sekrayat normally performs at many events, for example at the summer festival in the Palace of Culture, the REVUE of Cultures and also organises larger concerts itself


The group "Projekt Sekrayat" meets regularly at the Kultur Palast Hamburg to make music together. Before Corona the group has given several concerts, but no concerts are planned for this year due to the Corona pandemic. Besides the music group, Hasan Tuncay Kalburcu is also planning a course for prospective DJs, this activity is also planned for the time after Corona.


The stage outfit of the group is international, quite often the shirts or t-shirts are labeled with the group name "Projekt Sekrayat". If there are dancers at concerts, they are usually belly dancers. They also work on joint music/vocal projects, but Corona limits the possibilities for joint rehearsals. Culturally, the group is oriental in character, but takes great pleasure in various international influences from Jazz to Pop to Classical music and Folk music of different nations. The leader of the group, Hasan Tuncay Kalburcu, grew up in a family of musicians and lives music, he himself says "the music is part of me and I am part of the music". He would like to pass on this attitude to an international music family in order to see music as the "peaceful language of the world".  His intention is to inspire as many people of all cultures as possible with his joy in music. He has already found numerous like-minded people in the group "Project Sekrayat".


Tuesday | 07:00 p.m.
Kultur Palast Hamburg, Tanzstudio 2


Contact via Kultur Palast Hamburg
Tel. 040-822 45 68 0