Billstedt United

Billstedt United – United Cultural Empowerment is a project of Kultur Palast Hamburg that aims to strengthen the social and cultural environment for the people of Billstedt as well as create sustainable structures. It is part of the nationwide strategy "Soziale Stadt" (social city) and the model programme "Utopolis - Soziokultur im Quartier" initiated by the German government. The programme will last from 2018 until 2020.

Billstedt United – United Cultural Empowerment aims to make different cultural communities, artistic styles and groups or protagonists of Billstedt visible to the population. As participants, people from Billstedt are going to interact with each other and gain more insights about their neighbourhood’s cultural life – diversity will be improved by transforming Billstedt's social and cultural environment into a more integrated and sustainable community. Moreover, the events organised by Billstedt United will create media attention, thus pushing local art concepts in the area even further into the public eye.

All 16 Utopolis projects are advised and coordinated by the Berlin-based association "Bundesvereinigung soziokultureller Zentren".